The GG will prevent me getting at the left tab to fix it if it gets pushed in again. You say the XP version has a 2. Just followed your video guide to upgrade the RAM and it was spot on. Excelent, I have an acer mini with one giga and thanks to you I was able to put 1. Other then that, great work.

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I broke the keyboard ribbon cable clip during disassembly.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here How to Eee PC – Blog. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. I am working on blietooth copper heatsink replacement….

The name and model number thanks. Raj Periyasamy Please re-read my post! Did you use the driver that came with the dongle?

Touch Book — The iPad Killer!!! I just ran into this discussion.

Awesome mod, I followed your directions and was able to upgrade my RAM and bluetooth. Use this post for reference.

Bluetooth and touch screen on Acer Aspire One AOA150/ZG5?

You should take a look at another awesome mod for aspire one: If i put an external monitor on everything is perfect…. It is running a rather old version of Linux, 2. Hmmm…That turned out not only to be more that one question…but also a caer longer than I excpected. Joe Harper on January 12, 8: Acer Aspire One with added Bluetooth: Even those meant as a joke.


My Linux expert cousin couldnt sort it, so we installed UNE Small fits in any bag and great for travel. Hey Tnkrgirl, first of all thanks for sharing your great work with everyone. TankGirl would you please help!!!!

Bluetooth and touch screen on Acer Aspire One AOA/ZG5? | NotebookReview

Gonna pick up the XP version tomorrow at the local electronics store here in Sweden. Just xcer to show you that the cooling fan and heatsink need improvment since the CPU has to work so hard just to use the hard drive lol. One note though, I had some doubt about where to bluftooth the dongle to. Give it a try…. I know the wifi on the can be swapped for any good card, not sure about the Aspire.

About Acer Aspire One Italia. Is it possible to put two usb devices where you soldered the bluetooth connection?

Adding Bluetooth to your Acer Aspire One Netbook!

I have the AOA with gb. I have a question. For the lbuetooth mod I have been looking into this and I have been practicing my soldering so I can do this mod but, the one main problems I have seemed to come across is what type of wire did you use? I am not tnkgrl, but in my theory, if you ran the power in parallel system with the wifi, 3.


Watch the youtube video first of course.

Now I have no video. Thanks in advance, keep up the good stuff.