Remove the screw [5] in front. Remove the wire saddle [13], and unplug two connectors [14]. Remove the harness from the cord holder. Little dark copies are expected but after a week or two the copies will surely great! This reliability is achieved through high-quality design and a solid service network. Remove the compact flash card [2] from the slot.

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Smears on back of paper A. Page 34 Field Service Ver. Imaging Unit Photo Conductor is dirty. If outside the specified range, per- form the adjustment below.

Remove the Tray4 from 4th row. Types of authentication to be set: NO Set the handset on-hook. Remove three screws [2] and the Paper Output Cover [3]. Other Mount Kit MK 1. Remove the Upper Rear Cover.

Select [Engine] and touch inel. Page 58 Field Service Ver. Remove two screws [7] and the Tray 1 Feed Roller Assy [8]. Timing chart Field Service Ver. Connect the Key Counter Socket connector. After some while there- after, turn ON the main power switch. Using a soft cloth dampened with alcohol, wipe the outside of the Duplex Unit Ventilation Section [1] clean of dirt. Page 74 Field Service Ver.


Page 68 Field Service Ver. Check width A on the output paper. Defective power Replace the power source source supply unit supply unit. Remove the screw [12], two connec- [13] tors iineo, and the Operation Board 2 [14] [14].

Touch [Contact Number] and enter the telephone number. Connector layout drawing Low Fuser Temperature Failure Main Disconnect the connector [1] and remove the screw [2] and ground wire [3]. Tighten six screws [10]. Open the Front Door. Maintenance Field Service Ver.

Toner for Develop Ineo + 250 P

Remove the Exposure Unit. Install the IU in the copier. Turn OFF the main power switch. Check item Action Does paper meet product specifications?

Toner cartridge for Develop Ineo + P

When any change has been made to the descriptions in the service manual, a revised version will be issued with a revision mark added as required. Abort codes Field Service Ver.

Page 31 Field Service Ver. Mode 1 std Specifies a counting method of total counter.