Iriver is not alone though, and now that there are a lot of companies putting out players there growth of excess stock that can be found for cheap if you are willing to shop around. It was not designed to revolutionize the portable music market or put Apple out of business, but rather to be an easy-to-use, rugged player which can hold up to everyday use. If you have not figured it out yet, the T10 is a very good MP3 player. Ars Tribunus Militum et Subscriptor. The iRiver T10 ships with decent earbud headphones, a standad USB cable, a neck strap, a plastic carrying case, an AA battery, and software.

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With WMP10 users can create playlists and sync songs from the library to their device. Mon Dec 26, 5: You need to dig your thumb into the pad; needless to say, we were disappointed with this aspect.

My iHP is a bit too bulky to wear with shorts IMHO, I need something small to complement it during the warmer months, ideally, something like the iHP remote on its own would be marvelous, but technology has yet to bring the GB to a nice point in that form factor.

The player comes along with a version of Windows Media Player the only thing the users needs to do is to connect to the player using a USB cable and then work with it through WMP10 or Explorer. But its size isn’t bothersome to us, especially in light of the unit’s superlative digital audio capabilities.


Jan 2, Posts: MTP devices are mounted into explorer and you can drag and drop files on to it. May 12, Itiver The iRiver T10 is very Hummer-like: Navigating the T10 is quite easy, something which is a big advantage for small player.

Bad Karma Ars Praefectus Registered: Updated to the latest firmware 1. The T10 support is coming. As you’ll read, the feature-laden iRiver T10 sounds good and has rocking battery life, but it suffers from some design issues.

These can be accessed either through the Music player or by a file browser. This is starting to add iPod-like functionality t01 the player, but it still has a long way to go and Iirver Player lacks the appeal of Itunes, no matter change updates they seem to make.

To date I know of nothing I really want to replace my iHP with. You just need the right driver on the machine — the MTP Driver.

Iriver T10 1GB MP3 Player –

Nov 6, Posts: We got ours from Geeks. Ars Tribunus Militum et Subscriptor. The buttons irvier the front are used to navigate within the menus of the T10 as well as to adjust the volume.

Feb 22, Posts: The Bottom Line The hunky, feature-filled iRiver T10 can play subscription-based music, but it might take time to acclimate to the awkward design and control buttons.


Mini review: iRiver T10 1GB

This player goes back to the shop, stat, because they lied about the sysreqs on the site. The iPod still dominates the market and the Nano and Shuffle have both made serious inroads into the flash market, but there are many alternatives. It features a rugged build which iriveg make it the right choice for any sort of activity as well as commuting or travelling.

The T10 is widely available and the street price varies greatly from one vendor to the next. The T10 also works well with Windows Media Player 10 irvier music transfers.

iRiver T10 Blue (1 GB) Digital Media Player

It’s certainly included with WMP Though it’s comfortable enough for you to clutch in your left hand and operate the three buttons on top of the device, it can be a hassle to operate the circular main navigation controller, particularly because it’s sunken slightly from the player’s surface. Sun Dec 04, Other than that, it’s pure. While we prefer not to buy batteries, it’s nice to know that the T10 surpassed the company’s claims of 45 hours per AA cell. K-W Ontario, Canada Registered: