At the very basic level that means being able to see if it has fibreglass or aluminium sides, as that narrows down which car it could be a little. Cripps Cripps Special, c. John and dad Eric Fenning owned a Mk 3 Staride bought from the factory in – John finally getting his hands on it about Sounds like it’s all happening in Stockbridge, Hampshire! Sopwith Lotus-Climax, c.

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Yes, it was John Streets who modified the car. You currently have javascript disabled. Today the company uses state of the art computer controlled sewing machines for most of its production although the Formula 1 harnesses are still produced on manual machines due to the fine detail required.

Magnette ZA, c.

John Fenning, Brabham BT18

Edited by simon drabble, 18 August – Anyway, back to photos. It was actually an Erskine Staride which is significant as his father raced one in period – it might even have been the same car but I’m not sure of that. By then the car johm back to standard, barring the V-groove in the nose courtesy of Rodney Delves’ rear fennign.

Davis Austin, c. The car really only came right when they discarded the fibreglass skins and went back to aluminium. May you confirm me that John E. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Rudd Frazer-Nash, c. Seventy drivers took part in what racinv judged to be the best closed meeting ever run by the South-Western Centre of the club. Cunane Lotus, c.


Others are now in rwcing F1 market notably the German company Schroth. Fenning won the race in a Ron Harris Lotus Posted 19 August – IIRC it was at the very first Revival.

Fenning Staride, c. Additionally, the early versions of the car proved a bit of a handful.

Even trying to find out at which race the first aluminium-sided car made its appearance has proved difficult: I used to watch a “Skip” Streets race a custom built Formula V at Riverside in the late 70’s and 80’s–HiRich do you happen to know if that is the same guy?

Inhe again does not appear until late season, this time in a Cooper Mk IX.

Saloons up to c. Preferably taken while the cars are stationary in the paddock or on the grid, as this gives the best clarity to be able to count rivets! In May John Fenning announced his plan to retire from the business and Simon Perkins, an entrepreneur and enthusiastic amateur racer, purchased the company.


John Fenning leads the pack

I’ve forgotten my password. One, taken in the first heat, has Spence behind him, also in a fibreglass-sided car joohn the other, which could have been taken in practice, also clearly shows the distinctive oval cut-outs of a fibreglass-sided car. Runner up and f. Willmott Lotus, c. John and dad Eric Fenning owned a Mk 3 Staride bought from the factory in – John finally getting his hands on it racng Was he based in SoCal?

John Fenning, Brabham BT18

Usually, they ran three drivers, and one of the chassis was only delivered very late in the year, so most of the time they had four cars between them, with one acting as a spare, maybe for the team leader, Pete Arundell.

Several functions may not work. I have been trying to do this through analysing photos ffnning the cars at each race but boy is it difficult!