I started to debug the prorgamm and i have noticed that i have different values in both situations. Accepted by topic author Max I made up the number 50 – make sure none of the responses are longer than whatever you set! Perhaps you could try this VI? Most Active Software Boards:

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Added to that i have found thi error message in device manager “Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. Those Keithley error codes are explained in the Keithley User Manual of your device. Code 52 ” this error is related to the Keithoey Card but i ve made sure to install the appropriate driver for it.

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Could you keithleg help me to correct the program if something is wrong? I don’t have this Problem when i am using this programm on another computer running on windows Xp The problem is that all Computers are gonna be running on Windows 7 in the company because Xp is no more supported In the old Chasis there are 7 Pickering Card.


Message 8 of How do you communicate with it?

Message 1 of Sometimes I have difficulties when a USB to serial converter is ‘null-modem’ style – this means that it switches two of the cables inside the connector. Message 1 of Could that be causing the issue? Message 2 of 2.

Keithley ke485 Meter

Windows only complains about an unsigned device driver. I haven’t wired the inputs to the VISA Configure, because you’ve shown the defaults in your image – I’m sure you already checked but these should match the settings you have on the device – it doesn’t seem to list defaults in the manual.

Message 5 of These are the extern Component. When the Keithley is off the program can find the Pickering card but of course i can t take the meserments from the Matrix.

Taking a quick look at the manual for the KeithleyI read these sections: I am building a VI that controls several instruments and then takes data from these measurements and applies them to calculations relevant to material science, such as resistivity and Seebeck effect. Do you use the very same hardware keituley, including MAX settings, on both computers? Did you set the mode to RS?


lsbview I made up the number 50 – make sure none of the responses are longer than whatever you set! Message 4 of Taking a quick look at the manual for the KeithleyI read these sections:.

Message 7 of Could anyone give me some advice?

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Message 10 of I do not know if my program is not correct or there is problem with the albview. Message 8 of Also read the manual for further info, like around keithlet Is there a difference between installed software on the computers except the Version of Windows? As a beginner i couldnt find the reson of this conflict. I get bigger values than 1. Can you check the Keithley measurement with a simple DMM?