There were also quite a few complaints of broken products that the company does not fix. Feel free to ask me any Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. John September 3, at 2: It took me months to get out of this agreement and get a refund for the unapproved charges.

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Medicus cc Driver Trainer Loft One complaint that came up frequently in the negative reviews was that customer service is very poor. This page was last updated: Up for bid is a Medicus dual hinge driver What a precursor to hitting good shots.

To learn more about the Medicus or make a purchase, visit their website here.

So while there is no doubt they are great at marketing, we wanted to find out if the product lived up to the hype. The Medicus is good for training tempo and helpful with some plane issues, but it leaves vual aspects of the swing unaddressed… Then again, did you really expect a single club to be a cure all for your golf game?


Browse Related Browse Related. Featuring a 7 iron’s loft, a higed face and weighing in at just under 2 lbs.

Medicus Driver Refine Results. It has seriously improved my tempo, swing plane and wrist cocking. Please look at the Photos C Medicus cc Driver Loft The hinged club will let you know when you are swinging incorrectly by breaking down at the point where there is a flaw in the swing. Medicus Dual Hinge cc Medicus 1 Golf Feel free to ask me any You will be able to instantly find flaws in your swing and learn to consistently swing in tempo and on plane.

Medicus Driver: Swing Trainers | eBay

Grip needs a good bath to get tacky back. Hidden in their terms of agreement was a monthly charge for ongoing instructional dvds. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

Driver golfers improved in their ability to swing the club on path and maintain solid impact – eliminating hooks and slices! Home Contact Us Statement of Privacy. Medicus Dual Hinge Driver It is a great club to warm up with, it is a great club to practice a medicis back swing, a good down swing, and a good follow through.


Medicus Golf Club

Overall, the club is in good shape higned is fully functional. Also you would have to stop in the middle of your swing,who does that? It is used by over a million amateur golfers and thousands of professionals! Fix Swing Plane and Path. On this front the quality of instruction is mixed. The hinge works well and the grip is in good shape. It actually worked pretty well.

Medicus Driver

It is heavy and in addition to wrist cocking and keeping on plane it also forces meeicus to stay balanced especially on follow through. You’ll get rid of that slice and start hitting longer, straighter shots and start shooting lower golf scores!

Improves tempo and teaches swing path and plane.

In fact it probably has the most polarizing reviews of any product we have seen.