The price is certainly right. This device was released Saturday, December 9, and discontinued as of Friday, May 16, Archos Jukebox – digital player jukebox However, even in these circumstances, the load voltage of alkaline batteries will soon drop below NiMh’s relatively constant 1. Compared with NiCd, or Nickel Cadmium batteries, NiMH is superior mainly due to the fact that they do not suffer significantly from the notorious “memory effect,” a voltage depletion phenomenon. It is a good thing that the batteries do not have to be placed in an external charger because they are very difficult to extract from the unit.

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The Jukebox never gets more than slightly warm and neither the player nor the audio buzzes. That’s fair since the Jukebox is an MP3 player after all. You’ll want to get rid of them perhaps in favor of one of the arhcos we list below in the Audio Quality section. Moreover, we appreciate open standards and are wary of Microsoft’s Windows Media Format despite claims of its superior compression abilities.

It is also possible to upgrade the harddrive to a larger capacity, higher RPM drive using a standard 2. Archos Jukebox – digital player.

Archos 6 GB Jukebox Mp3 Player/hard Drive | eBay

The volume was set at 12 out of 15 and bass and treble were left at defaults. This problem will persist, but can be remedied by restarting the unit. Our experience seems to suggest that the Archos Jukebox has acute quality issues with its bundled AC adapter. While transfer rates are similar, Firewire, increasingly called “,” is a peer-to-peer standard that can potentially allow a a hard drive to be connected directly to a camera, digital video camera, satellite decoder or stereo.


The Archos website is easy to navigate and the update section is intuitive.

While USB2 is just now appearing, many computers are already equipped with the interfaces. The disk then spins back up and refills the buffer. We found this to be awkward and tedious. The only difference was the 5 GB 2.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Jukeboz is not nearly as big an issue with NiMH, so devices can be recharged frequently with little concern for the discharge status — however, even NiMH batteries should occasionally undergo a archow discharge-full recharge cycle to maximize performance.

These silent interruptions occur in the middle of songs with a frequency of about once an hour or so, but does not seem to follow a pattern.

Archos 6 GB Jukebox 6000 Mp3 Player/hard Drive

Nevertheless the included headphones are average compared with what you’ll find with other MP3 players. We returned this unit, but before plugging in the second unit we measured the voltage from its power supply and were distressed to see that it registered well over 14V. With about a 10 to 1 compression ratio at kbps, high quality music files can be quickly and easily downloaded over cable modem or dsl — a typical MP3 song encoded at kbps takes about 4MB versus around 40MB for the uncompressed version.

An earlier version of the Recorder contained a USB 1. The controls on the Jukebox are minimal. At 15, only slightly elevating the bass would cause significant distortion making music unlistenable.

A quick trip to the Archos website showed that our player was up to date for this review.


Headphones Sound Output Mode. The Archos Jukebox is a likable product and we feel ourselves wanting to recommend arcbos, but we cannot. NiMH require more sophisticated chargers, but this is not much of jujebos issue, since these chargers are cheap and commonplace. They are in-ear cans that wrap around the back of the head. Because of these characteristics, NiMH performs better in conditions demanding lots of power such as with digital cameras where they can outlast arcjos by a factor ofeven though alkalines can be rated over 2, mAh.

Unfortunately, the Archos Jukebox still has serious bugs and some of these problems cannot be corrected with firmware updates.

Although the manual states that this button only needs to be held down for two seconds, it appears to take more like four.

Because of the size of the buffer, the Jukebox jukeboos very briefly from the hard drive which then spins down until the buffer is almost played though.

The Archos Jukebox has been out for several months and early reviews were usually unfavorable due to many bugs in the first units. It enabled users to record straight from a camera attachment. With the volume at 15 and with bass settings at normal 0the Jukebox was bearably loud with all headphones and distortion was rarely evident.