I don’t know how straight they are. Sure is here in ON. That said if somebody has good reason to believe these two drivers will not mate up well. Here is my question I would like to extend the cm baffle by approx. The answer to both of your questions is yes.

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I looked on the website but the explanation was unclear to me. This will give me something to dive into once my last exam is done next week. Prototype DelSol Speaker – Bottom.

I can’t imagine a better bargain for a small DIY project. That makes baffle design a work of compromises.

So far I have one question. If set too high the simulation will slow down too much. DelSol Enclosure Plan – Side. The 3 inch aurasound ns3 will be ns3-194-8 high and offset near the edge.

The 8 inch drivers will be recognized as subwoofers and I am expecting a crossover around hz I appreciate any feedback Thanks Shawn. But there is no single answer.

Logged Rudolf Full Member Posts: Looks like someone else has taken a run at using it that way – http: There is probably no single best answer, but I would vote for the Schroeder frequency, the transition frequency from discrete room modes in your room to a continuous reverberant field. At least that is what I would recommend to a science student.


HiFi has been a hobby of mine since I could start spending babysitting money on it I’ve been out of it for a while but have a living room that I can set up a system in again. Thanks for the reply John! Remember I’m a poor student. Sure is here in ON. Almost like a flat response baffle? It makes me wonder, is there not a ‘perfect’ baffle shape that treats all frequencies equally within limits.

Does this mean that a driver placed in a tall narrow baffle with have the bass rolloff at the furthest edge? There is science behind all of this for sure.

DelSol – Aura NSE – Inexpensive DIY Fullrange Bookshelf Speaker

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Last update 12 July I tried using modelling software, to no avail Use single Aurasound NSA fullrange for L-R open baffle 2 total Use Seas P21RE 8 inch for bass in enclosed box L-R sub out powered by a seperate 2 ch Denon power amp Natural baffle rolloff around hz Denon crossover Let Audyssey Multeq xt work out most of the kinks I would really appreciate help in the dimensions of the OB for placement of the Aurasound NS3’s I believe it would make sense to have a closed box almost on the floor with the Seas 8″, and a flat panel attached to it for the NS3.


Operating at or below Hz, I’d think that’s fine.


The sounds that we hear are stretching over 10 octaves, human sight is only covering one. Oh wow, I really appreciate that. Or does more surface area at equal distances support more of the respective frequency?

This speaker was developed for use with a Sonic Impact T-Amp, and I have found that it also works very well with the higher powered Amp6. Is there a certain region where the switch from an open baffle to sealed box will produce an unwanted transition? MDF is cheap and readily available in Manitoba I would bet.

Loudspeaker Driver Specs

The Aura driver has some of the requisite specs to perform well on OB. I don’t know how straight they are. I appreciate your help in schooling me, I do not have much knowledge in this field, but would like to gain a practical amount in order to build some speakers and have a little fun.