You must force a refresh action before changing the disk. Jul 20, Posts: Also, My usb mouse wasn’t detected. This only seems to create the mapper devices when the array is activated, and that was during the initrd, so they’ve disappeared by now. At this point you’d want to have copied your operating system fully on the fakeraid partition, if you haven’t already done so. Sometimes, though–like, once every couple of days–the pause would continue indefinitely and the system would hang. Tue Jan 01, 8:

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HighPoint HPT370 HTP370A HPT372 Driver Disk

This can be verified by unpacking the bios components, with lharcrald md5sum the highpoint software contained therein. I tried messing about wiht different HPT Windows driver revisions, but no joy. I have no icons on my desktop????

You can use BIOS loading utility v2. Run XP upgrade program in a running system.

Hitman, Do you mean 2. XP hard locks when I tried installing detonator drivers 6th: Now we need to exit devive and start grub again from the bios, as it does the stripe translation that grub will use to find stage2, its menu. Mar 26, Posts: Missed CDrom and usb devices. The bytes 0x – 0x13FF appear on all the drives to be used by the hpt firmware to store some info about the raid layout in use.


Ars Orbiting HQ Registered: I’m not entirely clear on whether or 3772 you have attempted to install a new OS on this new machine or not. Crashed all the time. This only seems to create the mapper devices when the array is hpt3770, and that was during the initrd, so they’ve disappeared by now. The fakeraid array can now be configured as the start device, and it’s now possible to start into XP on raid, or Debian from the non-raid disk.

Anybody have problems with WinXP and HPT controllers? – Ars Technica OpenForum

The latest firmware and product documentation will be available hpt730 download at http: Firstly determine what highpoint floppy drivers are needed, they do need to correspond with the software on the eeprom.

I had XP running OK a while back There are more information about this issue on Microsoft support site: Fri Jan 04, 2: I chose the Windows XP version.


Also, My usb mouse wasn’t detected. Apr 10, Posts: As the raid is in the firmware and not in the chip itself, devicw such as Linux that access hardware directly cannot use this code and need to do software raid.

Re: Help needed on HPT370/372 controller

Tue Jan 01, 7: This can cause mega probels. Download What’s New Quick Specs. Oh, did I mention that I am using the newest Drivers and Bios. It’s best to let it dfvice the array from empty.

Dec 4, Posts: Save the file and reboot. Hpt3370 26, Posts: You can also experiment with the user programs they supply like hptsvr and hptraidconf, again proprietary without source code unfortunately. It installed fine, but I would get numerous lockups and other various bad things.